Sunday, March 24, 2013

Extending the Co-op Idea

A Minnesota guy named Joel Albers wants to combine two of my favorite things: co-ops and universal health care.

Albers is trying to initiate a cooperatively owned health care plan called Co-op Care. It would behave like a miniature version of universal health insurance, where everyone buys in at the same rate and gets the same benefits. Members are likely to have a limited choice of clinics and hospitals, at least to start, but I still think it's an exciting effort.

Albers hopes to have the plan up and running so it can be included in Minnesota's recently pass insurance exchange, MNsure.

The group meets at the Minnehaha Free Space, 3747 Minnehaha Avenue in Minneapolis. Check the Co-op Care website or email Albers at for info the next meeting.

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