Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Is for Tired

I'm tired tonight, still overwhelmed by the dissonance of holiday expectations combined with Newtown and its aftermath. So just a couple of things related to the latter, and nothing about the holidays.


The best big-picture piece of writing I've seen on the incompatible worldviews of pro-gun and anti-gun Americans. By philosopher Firmin Debrabander of the Maryland Institute College of Art.


A few facts. From a University of Pennsylvania study: If you're present during an armed assault, you're 4.5 times as likely to be injured if you're armed than if you're not. And from MinnPost's health writer Susan Perry, the health risks of having a gun at home.


The most deadly mass murder at a school in the U.S. didn't occur this week, or at Virginia Tech in 2007. It was in Michigan in 1927, and the fact that none of us has ever heard of it tells you something about the difference of the media landscape then vs. now.

And this question, via Twitter user Chris Sacca:

Can you guess which of these is illegal to sell anywhere in the US because of the risk to human lives?

Juxtaposed photos of a Bushmaster assault rifle and a set of lawn darts

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