Sunday, November 25, 2012

Share the Wealth, Walmart

In recognition of the nascent efforts to organize workers at Walmart, I thought this cartoon by Barry Deutsch was called for:

As the blogger Edushyster put it,

Could Walmart really afford to pay its workers more, without cutting into the profits that are used to fund essential education rephorm work?

Former Wall Street analyst Henry Blodget calculated that Walmart could give every one of its 1.1 million associates a $5000 raise and still be left with an operating profit of $18 billion per year. As for the six members of the Walton family, they have the same net worth as THE BOTTOM 41.5% of AMERICANS COMBINED.
Edushyster's post takes a look at the Walton family's support for education reform (sometimes called rephorm or even deform), pointing out that raising the wages of Walmart's workers would have more positive effects on kids' educational outcomes than funding testing, closing schools, and firing teachers.

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