Friday, October 12, 2012

A Week of Photos

A passel of random photos from life this week:

Side of green Waste Management garbage truck with huge letters reading
I'm glad this Waste Management garbage truck runs on natural gas instead of gasoline, but the green-washing of a huge truck that's pounding my alley all to hell is not appreciated. (Because Saint Paul doesn't provide centralized garbage hauling, there are a half-dozen garbage trucks in our alleys every week.)

Reading Is Fundamental logo, with shape a of a book, R and F each on one page, with the I between like the spine of the book
Not sure if this is a new logo for RIF or not, but I really like it!

Pink Pet eraser
Awwwww... who couldn't love a pink pet?

Light blue Vote No on Both Amendments sign
Kill two birds with one sign.

Huge black crow sitting on top of a tall tree on a narrow branch
Speaking of birds -- the photo doesn't do it justice, but that is a gigantic crow sitting on a slender twig atop a tall, columnar tree.

Bumpersticker reading I'm sarcastic and I vote
Where can I get me one of those stickers?

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