Saturday, September 29, 2012

Place the States

Here's a nice follow-up to my earlier post on drawing a map of the U.S. from memory: a quiz that asks you to drop the state shapes into their correct places on a blank map.

I was off by 7 miles on average, all attributable to misplacing that darn Utah by about 90 miles, plus misplacing Oklahoma by 30 or so. My time was just about 400 seconds (though I didn't realize the game was keeping track of the time, so I wasn't trying to be fast).

How do you do on it?

It appears the game presents the states in random order each time, so it will be much harder to start some games than others. I got my nemesis Utah on the fourth or fifth go, when there was nothing else in the West.


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Linda Myers said...

Cool test! I was off by an average of 8 miles.