Monday, September 24, 2012

New Signs from a New Place

One of the great things about visiting a new part of the country is seeing all of the signs, especially the ones that are inadvertently funny or silly or sad. Here are a few from a recent trip to Washington state.

Red and white sign on a stick advertising web design for $698
The image above shows a "snipe" sign, planted on the corner of two busy streets. Usually this type of sign advertises get-rich-quick schemes or ugly houses, but in this case it's for web design services. Hmmm.

Water-based cleaning method explanatory poster with boilerplate INSERT NAME HERE left in by mistake
I was doubtful about how "electrically activated" water could kill germs any better than regular water, and this supposedly explanatory poster didn't make it any clearer. I've enlarged the type at the bottom for your reading pleasure -- the part where the poster's sponsor is supposed to give their name, but in this case it says "insert text here."

Yellow floor A-frame sign, like one used for wet floor notices, that says DO  NOT FLUSH ANY HAND OR BABY WIPES
This isn't very wrong... except the way the short lines break up the phrases. When I first started reading it I got to "Do not flush any hand" and mentally turned it into "hands" before I caught on.

Commercial real estate sign for The Rants Group
I wonder if these guys are as much fun to work with as their name would suggest?

ALLWAYS Travel Agency sign with the word ALLWAYS made into an airplane
Hard to read, but that pink airplane says "AllWays" Travel Service. Are travel agents still in business? I guess so. (I actually like this logo; it makes me feel affectionate toward the business and I don't even know them.)

Beware of Owner sign
A nice take off on the usual retail generica.

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