Friday, September 7, 2012

Making Something from Nothing

I admire people who take the extra stuff that turns up along the way and make it into something useful and beautiful.

Growing up, it was pretty common to see improvised picnic tables that had started life as large wooden spools, made to hold large amounts of wire or cable. Kind of like these:

Large wooden spools turned on their sides so that there is a circular top and bottom with a narrower cylinder connecting them
But I recently saw a fence made out of these cast-offs:

Tops and bottoms of large spools used as fence panels with posts between
Now that's ingenuity.

Seen in Maine, New York.

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vlittle said...

Dear Daughter #3,
I am writing a book about fences and would like to include your image of the wooden spool end fence from Maine, NY. Full attribution will, of course, be given. THanks for considering my request.
Best, Val