Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Logos that Don't Read

It's not a new topic for me: Logos that don't read the way their designers intended. This was a particularly good week for bad logos, though.

First, there's this:

Mug with logo on the side that says innesota quarium Society with a weird shape off to the left
Here's a hint: The mug represents the Minnesota Aquarium society. That thing on the left that looks like neither an M nor an A nor any creature known to inhabit wet environments is supposed to be an M and an A. I don't think I've ever seen a logo that tried to use the same shape to represent two different letters.

And then I saw this shirt in a story that ran in the Star Tribune:

Back of a man wearing a t-shirt that has a black church shape on it with the words Church Helping inside it and then the words People People to the right
How do you see it? For me, the dark shape of the church focuses my eye so that I read Church Helping and then People People. Kind of like Little Caesar's Pizza Pizza, only different.

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