Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weary Wits

A letter in this morning's Star Tribune expressed what I was feeling about the shootings in Colorado:

Such events leave our judgment vulnerable

With so many learning, thinking and talking about the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colo., it is only natural that once we get past the recovery and communication of basic details, the discourse turns to something larger and supposedly more profound.

We extrapolate from the event to think about what it really means: "What does it tell us about ourselves, our country, our culture, our humanity?"

Many start making proclamations: "This is a symptom of sickness in America!" "This is why we need more gun control!" "This is why we need less gun control!" "This is what happens when kids grow up watching violence on movies and TV!" "This is what a culture of war brings to society!" "This is why we need more intelligence gathering on civilians!"

What scares me most about an event like this is not that it could happen to me, or to those I know and love. What scares me is the dialogue it provokes. What scares me is this extrapolation.

Events like these give power to con artists and cult leaders. These are the events that wound people's souls and leave them vulnerable to someone who can convince them that they have the answers.

I write this only to express my sincere desire that we be careful and skeptical of anyone attempting to hold up a tragedy such as this shooting as a reason for doing anything or thinking anything or passing any laws.

Be mindful. It's after tragedy that our wits are most weary.


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