Friday, May 18, 2012

Tabs from a Lost Week

I was super-duper busy for the past week or so and fell behind on my tabs. So now I'm going to compile a bunch of things I want to read from some of the usual suspects.

Science-Based Medicine

Pseudoscience is not cost-effective by Steve Novella

The drug expiry date: A necessary safety measure, or yet another Big Pharma conspiracy? by Scott Gavura

Homeopathy and nanoparticles by Harriet Hall

Boing Boing

Unevenly distributed futures considered harmful by Cory Doctorow

What cancer statistics actually mean by Maggie Koerth-Baker

If you put all the water on Earth in one place by Maggie Koerth-Baker

Google search ranking is editorial in nature and qualifies for First Amendment protection by Cory Doctorow

Verizon refused to help police locate unconscious man unless they paid his phone bill by Rob Beschizza

Great moment in pedantry: winter is coming by Maggie Koerth-Baker (an astronomer gives possible reason for the irregular seasons on the planetary setting of Game of Thrones)


Prejudice is impeding anti-obesity research, experts say by Susan Perry

On Pearson and Pineapplegate: Kids and future teachers challenge critical tests by Beth Hawkins

It's a lot to catch up on. Maybe this weekend.

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