Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Call the Tacky Police!

Clearly, my Ramsey County taxes were not at work the day they designed the vehicle graphics for our sheriff's department:

First, the truck is a bad color to use as a base. Nothing will contrast with it very much because it's a midrange color. Even white and black won't stand out against it very much.

So they tred to compensate by putting sunset-colored stripes around it. To go with the sunset letters, I guess.

And check out that patriotic 911! (Click to enlarge.)

Whenever you have to but a dark outline around your letters, you know you have a color contrast problem. The outline adds to the overall cluttered feel of the graphics.

And you wouldn't know it from looking at this side of the truck, but the other side has the words in the same spot, only they're back-slanted toward the rear of the truck -- as if the slant is supposed to indicate the speediness of the vehicle or something.


Ms Sparrow said...

I agree, somebody dropped the ball when they did the graphic design on the truck. You'd think they were being timid!

Michael Leddy said...

The lettering reminds me of my local paper's newly redesigned website. Ugh.