Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two Many Gender Signifiers

I couldn't help but give an extra-girlish "teehee" when I read the words of former Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Eric Magnuson in today's Star Tribune:

But what about the male congresswoman and the female congressman, your honor? Don't they count?

Magnuson, now in private practice, is representing the Minnesota Republican party in the redistricting case. One new map, backed by the Democrats, would put the recently returned Michele Bachmann into the same district as St. Paul incumbent Betty McCollum.

If Bachmann (who lives in exurban Lakeland, along the St. Croix River) did find herself in the 5th District, I have little doubt she would lose by a wide margin to McCollum, and that such an election match would bring out the Democratic base like nothing else could.

So it's no wonder the Republicans are against it. McCollum isn't thrilled by it either, supposedly, but I think it would be the best election in years.

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Ms Sparrow said...

After the trouncing Bachmann took in Iowa, I'm inclined to consider her a lame-duck candidate.

Do you suppose that referring to the "female congresswomen" is a "new innovation"?