Friday, December 30, 2011

Fun with Grocery Signs

Yes, I really did see this sign at a grocery store:

Sign in a meat cooler reading Cooks Butt / Portion Hams
I still don't know what that is supposed to mean.

Then there's a series of signs I saw at a Weis grocery store. I had the chance to go into their backstock area today, since it's the only large grocery store I've seen that doesn't have a public restroom. Instead, you have to go through a door that says "Employees Only," climb two flights of narrow stairs, and go along an almost catwalk-like platform past some employee lockers. It's right next to the employee break area, which consists of a small picnic table with two chairs, a microwave, and a bunch of signs from the Department of Labor.

On the way back down the stairs, I noticed this series of three signs:

Cartoon superhero made out of a CFL lightbulb with admonition, Captain Wattely says TURN OFF THE LIGHTS

Captain Wattely says TAKE OUT THE RECYCLING

There was a fourth sign that said "Wattley Says Keep This Door Closed" -- taped onto an open freezer door. Though for all I know there was someone working in there who needed to have it open.

The design of the signs is okay -- about the best you could expect for an in-house sign -- but the thing that I noticed about them was the condescending tone. "Captain Wattley" -- really? How old are the people who work for the chain? Do these signs have any positive effect on behavior? Seems doubtful.

And why does "Wattley" (or, as it reads in the last sign, "Wattely") have an "e" in it? It isn't necessary to make the name read clearly and makes the reference to "watt" more remote.


Cinday said...

"Cooks butt" -- love it! Thanks for the laugh....

David Steinlicht said...

"Captain Wattley says" is set in Gill Sans -- my favorite typeface. It always makes me cringe a little to see Gill Sans abused.

Carmella said...

Dr. Wattley is not very incandescent.