Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another "Pure" Miracle Heater, What a Surprise

Another day, another full-page ad for a miracle heater with a limited time and quantity offer. This time it's the Living Pure Heating System, promising to lower your heat bills by sucking down $.18 of electricity per hour. (Multiply that by hours, days, and months and see where it gets you.)

The thing that irked me the most about the Living Pure ad was that it didn't even bother to include the price of the product -- instead, it asks for $39 "plus three low monthly payments" (but hey, it offers free shipping).

So I called to find out what the price was and found it's the same as is advertised on their website: $399. (Although I have to point out that the guy on the phone gave me a bunch of psychological spin about the price being $699 with a $300 instant rebate. That way, everyone feels like a winner, I guess.)

Those low monthly payments? They're $120.32 each. Three of them. If you pay the whole amount up front, though, they'll knock off another $25, bringing the price to $374.

So, in a nutshell, that's more expensive than the Amish fireplaces or the EdenPure heaters -- both of which cost substantially more than lots of other heaters that put out comparable amounts of heat, available at your local retailer.

I should note that the Living Pure heater includes a humidifier, air filter, and UV purifier in addition to the heater. But I would advise anyone considering buying it to read up on humidifiers (to make sure it isn't making your air more unhealthy) and filtering (does it really make a difference in air quality?).

Available in black or woodgrain, though. Ooo, I always wanted some fake woodgrain.

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