Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Few Random Wisconsin Photos

I'm just back from a quick trip across Wisconsin to the third annual Wayzgoose at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum -- photos from that later -- but here are a few observations along the way.

I saw this ketchup bottle at a restaurant in Eau Claire:

It struck me as a particularly flagrant example of cause marketing.

In Steven's Point, I saw this fine example of why hyphens are needed between compound adjectives: so that when they're not needed, as in this case, we can all be sure what the meaning was meant to be:

Also in Steven's Point:

The plants you buy at this garden center do best if you put them in the ground and don't think about them.

And finally, this from a small town not far west of Lake Michigan:

I usually try not to fault truly small businesses for their signage, but the way this one tries to combine a curving baseline with a connecting script -- plus that floating possessive letter "s" -- made me wonder if Mom had anything to say about the sign shop that made it.

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