Thursday, October 27, 2011

Poop, Wretches, and the 53 Percent

Some good reads of late:

All the poop on constipation by pharmacist Scott Gavura over at Science-Based Medicine. I had no idea it could be so interesting. (Though I apologize in advance to my grammarian friends for Gavura's tendency to put hyphens in -ly adverb phrases. He's a a pharmacist, not a copy editor.)

The Ink-Stained Wretch Tax Plan by Eric Black at MinnPost, pointing out that simplification does not equal flat. Although he, like most, is a little thin on the concept of income, as pointed out by Ed Lotterman.

Have you seen any of the photos from the Other 53%, which show people with hand-written messages assailing the Occupy Wall Street/We Are the 99% movement? Here's an excellent response to one of the 53 percenters.

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