Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nostalgia for Lunchboxes

The Vermont Toy and Train Museum, next to the Farmers Diner in Queechee, Vermont, is the place to see vintage lunchboxes.

I found that my camera mostly wanted to shoot two genres of boxes. First, ones that showed television shows I watched:

My favorite show in about third grade.

Remember that creepy Mrs. Beardsley doll?

I can't get over how inappropriate the typeface choice is on this lunchbox. It's a classic example of how historical shows can't help but try to seem current instead of historical.

Second, lunchboxes that were intended for girls:

A few others caught my eye:

From the U.S. Bicentennial in 1976. I remember these Cartoon Modern figures from something, but I'm not sure it was a lunchbox.

I probably like this Dick Tracy lunchbox best of all. What a vision of the future!


Ms Sparrow said...

I remember the Mrs. Beasley doll from Family Affair. My daughter got one for Christmas back in the 60's. They also produced a reproduction of Mrs. Beasley back in the late 90's (as I remember). I always thought they were really cute, but they had a soft body that soiled easily and the plastic glasses broke. I suppose that's what made the reproductions possible.

Susan Nagel said...

Why are Dick and his friend in trashcans? And using crutches in there... dangerous future.