Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from the Bat Cat

Black white tuxedo cat with cat-sized Batman mask, including pointy ears
This photo is a fine example of how photographers or other image creators lose their work. There seems to be no way to figure out who originally took this picture.

If anyone has a definitive answer, I would be happy to credit the photographer.

Update: I now have a creator to credit. Commenter peppery found the original image, created by GorillaSushi, as a gift to Jason Sweeney, who had written a post that said he sometimes thinks his cat is batman. The mask is Photoshopped onto a picture of Sweeney's cat, posted on Flickr. It's from March 10, 2010. (I guess I should have looked a bit harder.)


Ms Sparrow said...

I love it!

Carmella said...

Heh. Cats LOVE costumes.

Linda Myers said...

I'm going to look for my cat right now. I have a little pig nose that would look perfect on her!

peppery said...

What I found:

Bat kitty

created for this guy using this photo. Credit for the remixer and the photographer?

Daughter Number Three said...

Peppery nailed it. Thanks! I had searched the image and there didn't seem to be a trail back to the original, but the Bat Kitty from March 10, 2010 appears to be it.

peppery said...

Ha, no problem! Unfortunately, the research has dispelled my happy illusion that the kitty was actually wearing the mask. Curse you, photoshop!