Saturday, September 17, 2011

Uncut Dollar Bills Cost Over 7 Times Their Value

There's not much new to say about today's World Reserve Monetary Exchange ad for uncut sheets of dollar bills. I said it all last year about a nearly identical ad from WRME that sold $2 bills.

World Reserve Monetary Exchange ad for uncut $1 bills
The layout is identical; the copy is the same except for the change in denomination. All the same puffery, misdirection away from the listed price, and false sense of urgency meant to make you buy now instead of think for just a minute.

It took a thorough reading for me to realize the price was $29 PER SHEET of dollar bills (with four bills per sheet). So that's 7.25 times the face value, folks. Even worse than the deal they offered on the uncut $2 bills.

The ad has the gall to claim the bills are being sold at "just face value." Face value is $4, the amount the bills would circulate for. The extra $25 must be to pay for the "protective bankers portfolio." Plus shipping, don't forget!


Cinday said...

Hee, hee, hee, Pat! One day I boarded a city bus and a woman who sat down ahead of me found a bill on the floor. It was a $1 million dollar bill! She thought she'd been blessed with manna from heaven, let me tell you. She showed it to me because she couldn't believe her eyes. So, I was the one who popped the balloon of her wealth hopes. She gave it to me.

When I arrived home, I took a good look at the bill. It was an advertisement for a religious website. On the back it says: "The milliondollar question: Will you go to Heaven?"
The killer was the guy on the front -- they chose Grover Cleveland! Cinda @

Ms Sparrow said...

What amazes me is that they find so many suckers that they can afford to take out full-page ads in major newspapers!

lugerman said...

I saw this ad in my local paper a few days ago. It took a couple of runs through the byzantine wording of the article to realize they wanted to trade a $4 face value sheet of bills for $29 plus shipping.

The guard in the ad looks like an extra in a Three Stooges movie clip.

Come on people.... this ad literally SCREAMS ripoff!!