Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reality Check, Please

Am I losing my eyesight (or possibly my mind)?

Every time I glimpse this sticker: 

... or its other incarnations, such as t-shirts at the Minnesota State Fair, I instead see this:

I know it appears I am willfully ignoring parts of the design, but I'm talking about at first glance, before I take in the "HAPPEN" and "SUSTAINER" lines.


David Steinlicht said...

H M -- very similar shapes.

I also misread the word as "Hate."

Using the Minnesota shape as a letter is cute -- but a little imprecise. If they had to use the Minnesota shape, maybe they should have used lower-case letters for the rest of the word?

Peter Hoh said...

Perhaps your mind goes there because, in the context of bumper sticker sentiments, "I hate..." is more common than "I make...."

Daughter Number Three said...

Good point, Peter! I first saw it on a t-shirt at the Fair on MPR day, but the same thing could be said about shirts.

David, I was thinking about the similarity of the H and M shapes (again, at a glance). You're right that lower case would have been more legible.