Friday, August 19, 2011

Rhymes with Lettuce

Sometimes a joke is funny even if it's not accurate.

Hilary Price, of Rhymes with Orange fame, lives in Massachusetts, which has a generally similar growing season to Minnesota. So I guess this cartoon tells me she's not much of a vegetable gardener:

Rhymes with Orange cartoon of two women walking, one saying to the other, Summer romance is like garden lettuce--it sprouts in June, it's robust in July and it bolts in August
Not a bad analogy, except that lettuce sprouts in May or maybe even April, is robust in June and bolts in July. By mid-August, you should be seeding new plants so you have new greens to pick in the fall.

But thanks for thinking of us gardeners, Hilary!

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CraveCute said...

Your observations and finds are very funny. Thanks for the laughs, esp. the Former Bestsellers with Sarah P. LOL!!