Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No Love for the Lumberjack Days Logo

Yeeha, what an abysmal logo!

Lumberjack Days logo on newsprint, next to the Walmart logo
Not only is the logo bad, but the layout of this ad from the Pioneer Press makes it look as though a headless lumberjack is chasing the Walmart asterisk. (Maybe it's a subversive, anti-Walmart statement? Nah.)

The logo is a little better in color, and when not printed on newsprint:

Lumberjack Days logo in blue and red
But the essential problems all remain:

  • The weird, headless figure. What are those circular swooshes supposed to be, anyway?
  • The axe is endangering the circular airhead.
  • The torso is badly drawn with awkward curves.
  • Hoofed feet. Really!
  • An inappropriate type choice. Eurostile is generally associated with Modernism, not plaid shirts and work boots.
  • The way the city and state names hug the figure's curving legs detracts from the curve. It's a classic novice error.
It's sad, because there's almost a concept there -- if there was just some better way to use the shape of a lumberjack's legs to refer to a river.


PrudeHawkeye said...

The red axe looks like he just got done murdering someone.

CraveCute said...

My thoughts exactly,"Axe Murderer"!