Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random Quotation Marks "Trifecta"

Not one but three different signs, all at the same business, just waiting for me to send them to the Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks. Each one is a fine example of the quotation-marks-indicate-emphasis school of punctuation.

Sign in all caps reads NO PARTS SOLD with NO PARTS in quotes
This sign deserves a bonus for its unnecessarily large line spacing and extra space before the word NO.

ALL customers must sign in with ALL in quotes, but the open quote is actually a close quote
Look closely at the marks around the word ALL. Yes, the first one is backwards, as well as unnecessary.

The word PROHIBITED is surrounded by six shapes on each side, three sets of quote marks
Gee, I guess they really mean it when they say that guns are prohibited on these premises, since there are three sets of quotation marks.

The lack of logic in typesetting on this poster is worthy of a longer comment. Why is the word POSTED set in the largest size, when it doesn't have any meaning to the reader? If PROHIBIT is so dang important, why isn't that the largest? In fact, PROHIBIT GUNS seems like it should be the dominant bit of verbiage, but it's not. And what meaning does the creator assign to those ellipses of different lengths?

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Michael Leddy said...

The best I caught today was an interstate rest-stop vending machine serving Expresso. Your fish are way bigger.