Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Farmers Diner

If you drive just a bit up the road from White River Junction, you come across Queechee, Vermont, which is home to the Farmers Diner.

Like most non-Vermonters, I first heard of the Diner while reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Vegetable Mineral. In it, Kingsolver and her family write about spending a year eating only local food, most of which they raised themselves.

During a road trip to New England, though, they had to eat out sometimes, and one place they went was the Farmer's Diner.

Local suppliers are listed up on what would usually be a menu board.

Part of the restaurant is a classic diner car. (The reason it looks so empty is that there's an addition off to one side that has air conditioning, so that had more people in it.)

The waitresses were wearing these shirts, though not in this picture!

The food was good -- classic diner stuff like breakfast and burgers, but I knew where the beef came from, and it wasn't a CAFO in the southwest!

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