Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On the Road in the Northwest

How many people who live in the Midwest or parts east of there realize that Seattle and Portland are only about three hours apart by car? Here are a few shots from along the way between the two.

Large concrete cylinder, about three feet tall, full of round rocks, stencil letters on the side saying No Cigarettes No Garbage
At first I couldn't figure out what this concrete thing was. It was just outside a rest stop building along the I-5 corridor south of Tacoma and Olympia, Washington. It's not for cigarettes or garbage, huh. What else could it be for?

Cylinder again showing building behind and rain gutter above
Looking up, I decided it was probably a rain water catch basin/filter with a cistern below. (Note the rain gutter above, pointing directly at it.) Although why they don't bring the downspout closer to the catch basin, I have no idea. Maybe people break them off?

Small stationwagon with 4 kayaks tied to the top luggage rack
That is some serious kayaking. Welcome to the Northwest!

Painted school mascot with large J and bucking donkey, scroll with word DEMOCRATS
There are some unusual school mascots and team names out there, but I thought this one was pretty exceptional. I wonder what Rupert Murdoch would say if he knew there was a high school in Portland fielding teams called "The Democrats"?

Another donkey painting with DEMOCRATS and SCHOOL OF CHAMPIONS
It makes a bit more sense when you realize the school is Jefferson High School -- and remember that Thomas Jefferson founded the Democratic party. I have to say, these renderings of the donkey have a lot more character (and fighting spirit) than the typical doofy ones used for party politics. Love the face bandage especially!

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