Monday, April 4, 2011

Marching for the Middle Class

I spent a few hours this afternoon and evening at the March for the Middle Class at the state Capitol. Here are some photos... minimal captions. Time to go to bed.

Teacher with sign saying her third graders are better listeners than the legislature
Just before the march set off from the park next to the Cathedral.

Marchers with flags
The marchers filled the street from the Cathedral to the Capitol.

Marchers with Protect the Middle Class signs
Lots of kids. And teachers.

Man with sign reading Divided we work for less

Woman with ransom note-style sign reading Who will keep our water safe?

Woman with sign reading ORGANIZE get too big to fail

Boy with sign reading I am more than a test score

Several people holding a green AFSCME banner

Man with sign reading It's about moving forward, not sliding backward

Fluorescent yellow sign reading RACE TO THE BOTTOM with a red circle and slash through it
My sign.

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Susan Tomlinson said...

Good for you! There does seem to be a war on the middle class going on right now, and for the life o me, I can't figure out why more people can't see that.