Sunday, April 3, 2011

House Renovation

Excellent infographic from Good showing what the U.S. House of Representatives would be like if it were made up of people who represent Americans by party affiliation and demographics.

Partial screen snap of Good chart showing the composition of the House of Representatives

Some key items:

  • Fewer Democrats and Republicans, although there would be a bigger dent in the Republican numbers... and a gain for "other" affiliations -- mostly independents, I assume
  • A whole lot more women (women gain 127 seats, men lose 230)
  • Fewer white people. Instead, there would be four more American Indians, 15 more Asians, 59 more Latinos, and 20 more African Americans
  • A big drop in Protestants and Catholics (and Mormons and Jews) and a gain of 70 seats for people not affiliated with any religion (there are currently zero of us)

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Linda Myers said...

I like this breakout.