Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bring Me the Head of Rin-Tin-Tin

Note to self: Stop reading the Homes section of the Sunday Star Tribune.

You'd think it would be possible for them to come up with content about something as important as home is to all of us that didn't cause gagging, but apparently not. If it's not a floor plan no one would even consider building these days, for a five-bedroom, exurban home with game room, media room and a "lanai" balcony, it's a photo exhibit of a $2 million mansion for sale.

Case in point, the April 24 edition. It told of a historic house for sale in South Minneapolis, which went from single-wealthy-family home to nursing home to vacant, until it was bought in the late 1970s by a small business owner who has lovingly restored it as a home for his company. So far so good. The house is up for sale now because the market has changed and the company has shrunk. It was nice to see that the house has been preserved.

Newspaper photo of an older man among taxidermied antelopes and lions
But it wasn't possible to show photos of the house without also showing the over 200 dead animals on display, evidence of the owner's days as a big-game hunter.

View of a large ornate sunroom with dozens of dead animals standing on the floor and mounted on the walls
Animal heads on walls. Everywhere.

So I think I can be excused for the fact that, a few minutes later as I picked up the Travel section, I misinterpreted this photo:

Malamutes and huskies with their heads sticking out of holes in a wall, looking as if they were taxidermied
I wonder if anyone else thought the same thing?


Michael Leddy said...

“I wonder if anyone else thought the same thing?”

I did, right now.

What’s up with the “door” in the first photo? Is it a door in the form of a lion?

Daughter Number Three said...

There's a door behind the lion. (Which reminds me of the story The Lady or the Tiger.)

Sorry for my lousy photo from the newsprint. There's a better version on a the Strib photo gallery.

Unemployed Dragon said...

yup...I thought the same thing. And as the original dog lover, it made me *wince*. Ugghh...some editor was really asleep at the wheel.

Carmella said...

That is so funny. My boys also pointed out the dog heads thinking they were trophies. Could have been residual Home section exposure.