Monday, February 7, 2011

The Man Without a Face

Black and white drawing of a faceless man sitting in an upholstered chair using a laptop
We've got the Star Tribune ad department to thank for this bit of work. It's part of an ad asking readers to post their résumé to the Strib website and get job listings emailed daily.

I don't have any useful suggestions to offer the ad's creators for a better concept, but I would say this about the illustration: A "generic human" without a face and with flippers for hands is not generic if he is clearly male and white, and probably even middle-aged, given the sweater vest.

The more I look at this drawing the more it weirds me out. Imagine this guy as an animate person, blundering around -- it seems like having your features wiped out and your face made smooth is a concept from a horror movie I avoided seeing.

How does he see his laptop screen if he has no eyes? Even if he is using it the way a blind person would, he has no ears for listening to a screen reader, either. Not to mention the obvious lack of breathing, drinking and eating because he lacks a nose and mouth.


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Carmella said...

No wonder he is looking for work. He would not be fun at the office party.