Monday, February 21, 2011

Chris and the Koalas

It's been too long since my last Chris Monroe post. Her Violet Days comic last Friday is a great example of a cartoonist playing stupid. Plus, it's about the Koala Bear Kare diaper-changing tables, a subject dear to my heart.

Koala Bear Kare comic by Chris Monroe, in which she speculates that diaper-changing tables are actually used to take care of Koalas
(Click for a larger image)

What a surreal world it would be if people were taking care of koalas on the Koala Bear Kare changing tables. Maybe we'd all get a chance to roll one around, snuffle it, and adore its unbelievable cuteness.

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David Steinlicht said...

Wonderful stuff -- as always. Who doesn't love a Koala bear? I note that Chris wrote in the header that "Violet Days" has been going for 15 years. Congratulations, Chris!

The fact that Chris doesn't post her cartoons online makes her appearances in print just that much more treasured.