Monday, September 27, 2010

Persecuting Dissent

It wasn't a typical late Monday afternoon today. I headed into downtown Minneapolis during rush hour to join a group of people protesting the FBI raids on the homes of local anti-war activists.

According to the Star Tribune, the search warrants were signed by a judge, and were intended to find evidence of "material support of terrorism." From what I know, these activists have nothing to do with terrorism, but a lot to do with holding unpopular political beliefs. Some were organizers of the Republican National Convention protests. One is the editor of one of those socialist newspapers no one ever wants to read.

None of which was against the law, the last time I checked. But maybe that's changed.

Over a hundred people gathered across the street from the FBI office on Washington Avenue.

This woman's sign incorporated a copy of the Tea Party's favorite document.

I went to the protest because I think it's important to object to the intimidation of activists.

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