Friday, July 23, 2010

Visiting the Egg | Plant Store

Today I finally managed to visit Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply, one of St. Paul's newest stores. I had read that it carried gardening, canning and urban chicken supplies. This year I'm finally going to get serious about doing canning, so I wanted to check out what they had in stock.

After checking out the jars, lids and home canning kits, and looking through the books on canning, composting, and gardening (mostly with edibles), I came across this mysterious aluminum container.

Remember, the place is called Egg|Plant -- and it's an apt name!

Large aluminum tub with a reddish heat lamp over it
Little peeping sounds rose up out of it. I peeked over the edge to find several dozen fuzzy chicks in a range of colors.

Little fuzzy chicks eating from a feeder
Urban chickens. Are they in my future? I'm not sure.

I had a good time talking to the store's owner, Audrey, and took home several books on canning and food preservation to figure out what I should do. Why didn't I have an interest in all this when I still had a grandmother who could have taught it to me?

Youth is wasted on the young, unless they're fuzzy little birds under a heat lamp.

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