Monday, July 26, 2010

Pizza of Ten Thousand Lakes

When you live in a state that has a fairly distinctive border outline, it's annoyingly common to see it in logos. Every nonprofit organization with "Minnesota" in its name seems to think that the state's outline will make a distinctive mark. (I wonder what they do in Kansas or Colorado?)

And it's such an odd shape, too -- the right side looks like a man's profile, facing left. The "arrowhead" region, north of Lake Superior, sticks out much farther to the east than you'd think, and there are bump-outs on the western and northern borders, which often get forgotten.

I see the state outline so often, I'm starting to notice it in places where it doesn't actually exist, such as the last bites of my pizza the other night.

Pizza bites in the shape of Minnesota
This outline is truncated somewhere around Grand Marais along the North Shore. The Twin Cities are located just about where the tomato meets the feta cheese.

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Andrea in School said...

This happens to me all the time - with varying degrees of accuracy, like you say. I also see a lot of Idahos for some reason.