Sunday, May 23, 2010

Apprentice Farmers and Experienced Dogs

The Heavy Table has just started featuring recurring journal entries from Ruth Burke, a young woman who is interning on a Community-Supported Agriculture farm. She's an agronomy student at the University of Minnesota with no farming experience, so it should be interesting to listen in on her as she "jumps in and figures it out on the way down."

On a completely different note, Carmella, the little brown dog, has been doing a series of dog etiquette posts that I've found enlightening. (Don't Stare at Me, Don't Touch My Head, I Hardly Know You! and How Dogs Say Howdy.) I have to confess a moderate unease with dogs, generally -- I don't dislike them, but I'm not generally a big fan either. I guess I'd be considered a cat person (at least, I know how to interact with cats), although I wouldn't call myself one.

I think Carmella's tips will make me more comfortable meeting dogs. So thanks, C!

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Carmella said...

Thanks, Daughter! I am sure that if you fed me treats, you would like dogs more. I'll bet you like seals -- if you ever got to feed them back in the old days at Como Zoo (my Susan says it was fun).

I understand what you are saying about dogs, though. I am not really a people person but I don't dislike them as long as we can mutually ignore each other - except at dinner time, of course. Then it is important to not ignore me.