Sunday, April 25, 2010

Boobquake Tomorrow

Soon after an Iranian cleric declared that earthquakes are caused by immodestly dressed women, a college-student blogger named Jen came up with the idea of Boobquake.

Sleeveless tank top with words Modestly dressed women rarely make earthquakes on it
It's a day -- tomorrow, April 26, to be exact -- when women are encouaged to wear their most cleavage-revealing shirts. Then, when there's no earthquake, the cleric's theory will be shown for what it is: naked stupidity.


Jess Ahearn said...

Definitely wearing my infamous blue top tomorrow... this is wonderful!

Unknown said...

Of course, just going around with my face exposed is probably enough to trouble the mountains--but hey! I'm in. I just wish that the clerics had the imagination required to understand how foolish this is.

(Thank you for the link to the StarT.)

Ms Sparrow said...

Isn't it interesting how the "religious" always blame
earth-shaking events on their trivial pet peeves?

Carmella said...

No earthquake occurred, as far as I heard!