Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Madison: Out and About

Once again, it's time for a spring break road trip, this time to beautiful Wisconsin.

Oh, wait, I went to Wisconsin last year for spring break. Well, this time it's a different part: Madison and parts southwest of there. Today, a look at Madison.

Cartoon of Mo sitting at a cafe table in a bookstore
An informal comic drawn by Alison Bechdel for the staff at A Room of One's Own bookstore. Framed and displayed in the store.

Archway that looks like a mouth with two windows above that look like eyes, cars in the mouth
Watch out, this house is hungry for cars!

Two hand painted figures shaking hands on a wall
One of the many German-themed paintings inside the Rathskeller at the University's Memorial Union.

Giant mosquito with a bee-like tail
Down the hall from the Rathskeller is the Paul Bunyan room, decorated with paintings created by James Watrous from 1933-1936, under the auspices of the WPA. The murals generally show the eponymous Paul, along with Babe the Blue Ox, but I especially liked this painting of the Mosquito Bee, with a stinger at both ends. Sounds like Wisconsin has the same state bird as Minnesota.

Green octopus sign, holding bucket, sponge and cloth
You know you're in a good town when you see a revolving Octopus Car Wash sign. (Minneapolis lost its octopus some while ago, unfortunately.)

Vintage ad promoting Wisconsin Worm Candy for children
All the best treats can be found in Madison...

International Harvester ad for refrigerators, claiming they are femineered
...as well as the best kitchen appliances for women...

White plaster statue of Joe McCarthy
...and even the best politicians (Joe McCarthy, cast in plaster at the Wisconsin Historical Museum).

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elena said...

My parents carved their names into a table there at the Rathskeller once, under the influence of young love...

Anyway, I'm excited: it's always so fun when you hit the road. That's a wonderful mosquito!