Sunday, March 21, 2010

How the Other Half Feels

The government rushes, seemingly inexorably, toward a policy decision with huge financial repercussions.

I disagree with that decision to the core of my being. It will kill human beings and possibly bankrupt our country, affecting our economy and way of life for decades to come.

But Congress acts anyway, despite huge, heartfelt protests. I feel helpless, angry, and so anxious I can't sleep.

Protesters are ejected from the gallery as they try to disrupt the proceedings, and I understand their behavior, even though I can't quite condone it.

You might think that I'm suddenly admitting I'm part of the Tea Party movement, but actually, what I'm relating is the way I felt during the winter of 2003, as we heard about "weapons of mass destruction" and the U.S. Congress committed our country to invading Iraq.

So I do understand how people who are opposed to the health care reform bill feel. All too well. It's a terrible condition to be in, and I extend my sympathies to them, even though I can't be sorry at this particular outcome.


Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Ah, good point. I really hope the new plans get implemented smoothly and the people who are frightened about it are able to relax. I think that's almost as important as the improved health care that so many people are going to get.

Ms Sparrow said...

Here's hoping the hysteria will die down now as the bloviating critics return to reality. As more people are able to get adequate health care, the number of jobs created in the health care field will increase greatly. Win-Win!

Unemployed Dragon said...

Thank you for this reminder DN3. Even as this bill has real, direct implications for me, I'm feeling cynical this morning; I'm afraid that these forces,so opposed to this, will succeed in making this change difficult and less accessible. I'm hopeful that by 2014, when I'm 55 that there might be a way to buy into Medicare or Medicaid.