Monday, March 8, 2010

Hobbes's Choice

The phenomenon of fan art existed long before the interweb, but it's certainly better known and more widely circulated now. Although I've written before about the ripoffs of Calvin and Hobbes, I wanted to point out that there is a place for art based on other people's characters.

Here are two pieces of fan art that actually continue the conversation instead of just using Bill Watterson's creations.

Illustration of Winnie the Pooh as a giant actual bear facing off with Hobbes, an actual tiger, as Christopher Robin, Calvin and a schoolyard full of children look on
This piece, titled Schoolyard Takedown, is by a Deviant Art contributor named weremagnus. Weremagnus posted sketches and a black and white ink rendering, which I think was then colorized by someone else. Weremagnus writes that "these are outlines/tonal rough for a conceptual piece I'm working on for my Illustration class. the kids' faces will be less stylized on the final bit, I'm still working that out."

Hobbes walking off with a little girl as a youngish adult Calvin waves goodbye. The motivational poster reads The Future. Don't put away childish things. Save them for your child
Cloaked in the trite motivational poster format, this illustration is making the rounds on the interweb, and no one seems to know who created it. It would be sickly sweet except for the expression on Hobbes's face.


Ms Sparrow said...

The Calvin and Hobbes farewell really tugged at my heartstrings.
My son was a big fan of those two.

elena said...

Fascinating topic, and makes me miss Calvin and Hobbes, too.