Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Paws that Refresh Us

Minnesota Public Radio has a new sponsor: Luther Seminary in St. Paul, offering a free daily email called God Pause. (Sign up for it here if you're interested.)

Somehow, I couldn't help but hear that name a bit differently:

Black and white engraving of a god figure sporting pink bunny paws


Carmella said...

OMG! Great minds really DO think alike!

Practically posted at the same moment.

I LOVE your illustration!

elena said...

Poetry paws in response, from The New Yorker on Jan 18, by Galway Kinnell:


Sometimes we saw shadows of gods

in the trees; silenced, we went on.

Sometimes the dog would bound off

over the snow, into the forest.

Sometimes a tree had twenty

or more black turkeys in it, each

seeming the size of a small black bear.

We remember them for their care

for their kind ever since we watched the big hen

in the very top of the tree shaking

load after load of apples down to the flock.

Sometimes I felt I would never

come out of the woods, I thought

its deeper darkness might absorb me

or feed me to the black turkeys

and I would cry out for the dog

and the dog would not answer.