Monday, February 8, 2010

It Was So Much Simpler During the Depression

In case you missed the Mark Morford column called "Why Are You All So Disappointing?", here's a link to it. Reading through it a second time, I keep breaking into pained laughter. It covers everything from global warming to the iPad to Obama... all in one big drowning pool of dyspeptic discourse.

And a fine companion (or antidote, depending on your point of view): comedian Louis CK, in an appearance on Conan O'Brien's show, talking about how "everything's amazing now, and nobody's happy":

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elena said...

Hey, DN3, check out elenabella tonight!

I love that Louis CK, thank you! That's two funny guys discovered in one week. The depression of not living during the great depression instead is starting to lift.
(Love what he says about having a donkey with pots tied to its sides..)

Daughter Number Three said...

I knew I should have posted that sooner. Finding Mark Morford makes me realize (again) how much great work is being done. Another thing to ad to Louis CK's list.