Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stimulating Food

Attractive plate of colorful food
Why might a person lose her sense of taste? (I'm talking about the literal sense of taste in her mouth, not the kind that keeps her from wearing stripes with plaids.)

In answering that question, the To Your Good Health column in the Pioneer Press (by Dr. Paul Donohue) included this bit of advice for reviving the sense of taste:

Take a forkful of meat, then a forkful of vegetables, and then a piece of bread. The change in foods stimulates dulled taste buds.
I've always eaten my food this way, to the compulsive point where I need to have just the right amount of each food to be sure the meal ends evenly. But now I know there's a not-so-bad reason for it. Thank you, Dr. Donohue, for justifying my neurosis.


Ms Sparrow said...

Interesting, I had a friend who would always eat that way. If she wound up with any extra food on her plate, she'd have to take a small portion of the others to make it come out even. We always found it quirky and amusing.

Carmella said...

My Susan eats like that too! I would try it if someone would put something in my bowl other than dry dog food. Susan chews her food too-- which I think is a waste of time.