Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Next Time, Try a Better Mouse Trap

Cleaning out the basement has its benefits... there's lots of material down there for blog posts! In fact, you might even say it's the biggest filing cabinet I've got.

Here are two objects we've been storing for decades without ever using them. They have finally been ejected from the basement, but before they went to their new home, I took some photos to share.

Pink,purple and turquoise plastic object
Although it is impossible to tell from looking at it, this is a cooler. Like you would take to the beach, get it? Nice strap!

The object with the pink lid open
You can open it up. See the hot pink freezer pack inside.

The lid back down and now it looks like legless chair
Then when you shut the lid and rotate the turquoise-blue thingy, it becomes a chair! Just what you need for the beach... if you want to sit upon your ice-cold drinks.

White rounded corner object that looks like a bread box
This is not a bread box. It's a modernist picnic set from 1981. The rubbery straps on the sides have holes that stretch over the pegs that stick out from each layer to hold it together for transport.

Top layer removed, showing three round lids
When you take the top off, you see there's a tray for each person.

The lids removed to reveal shallow bowls
And when you remove the tops, you're ready to eat your freeze-dried picnic food. Just add water. Yum!

1 comment:

elena said...

These are hilarious! Especially when considered as objects kept unused over the years. The pink and teal cooler is so darned weird..the other one: sell it on Etsy? Kind of groovy, if you don't actually eat any freeze dried food?

I love basements, and I must confess that mine is the worst of them for offering up odd hoarded objects. I look forward to learning more about what you've found down under...