Monday, January 25, 2010

His Boy Elroy

Red button with Elroy Jetson on it, label His Boy Elroy
I have quite a button collection (most of them of a political nature, surprise surprise!) but some are just for fun. I recently found this one in the basement.

I was a Jetson's fan as a kid, and when I first got this button around 1990, it brought back the flying cars, robot maid, and instant food I always found so fascinating.

I came across the button before the beginning of the interweb, before every television show ever made was available on DVD or even VHS (let alone YouTube), before there was a band called Jane His Wife... when the only way we had to remember the cultural artifacts of our childhoods was with our memories.


Ms Sparrow said...

I remember those days before VCR's when if you missed a good movie while it was at your theater, you had missed it for all time--forever! It was an awful burden for a kid with a 25 cent allowance to have to choose between the movie, comic books and candy.

Blythe said...

I can hear that song. It makes me happy.