Thursday, December 24, 2009

Envelopes: A Waste of Foil

I know it's been a rant-filled week here at Daughter Number Three. Not sure why. I'll be working on some more positive posts for the next few days, but here's one last minor rant.

You know those envelopes that enclose many of the holiday cards you may be receiving, or even sending if you're more organized than me? The ones with the shiny foil lining, like this one?

Open card envelope with silver foil lining

When we pick out the cards, we think, Oh, that looks nice. Or maybe it's not even that conscious, just a sense that it adds to the quality feeling of the card.

But we're not thinking about what that envelope will look like once it's opened:

Ripped-open envelope with gold foil lining

Gee, that doesn't really add much to the package after all. And worse, it wasted material, and it means the envelope can't be recycled.

So -- no more foiled envelopes for me!

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Ms Sparrow said...

Well said! Happy Holidays, D#3. Hope the weather hasn't screwed up your plans as much as mine are!