Friday, November 13, 2009

Pop Quiz

It's time for a short test on some of the media weirdness from the past week! Answers can be found down below.

A. Which of these four photos is not Minnesota's favorite media magnet Michele Bachmann?

Four headshots of women who could be Michele Bachmann

B. What is this WCCO story about?
WCCO headline from Newsbobber, reading Woman loses unborn child in accident with deer

1. A woman who misplaced her child while petting a deer
2. A woman who miscarried after her car collided with a deer
3. A woman who can't find her child after slipping on some deer urine

C. Help the Star Tribune rewrite its headline:

Story with headline, Crop of Choice Lands Man in Trouble
1. Crop of choice weed gets man in trouble
2. Marijuana crop means trouble for man
3. A bunch of nice land, man in trouble

And as a secondary thought -- what does "case of" add to the second headline? I read it expecting "Case of" to be followed by "liquor" or something like that, and had to think pretty hard for "case of body" to make any sense at all.


A. The Michele Bachmann photo array. If you guessed photo 3, you're right! That AP photo caught my eye in this story from today's Pioneer Press:

News story with photo 3 with headline Animal House of Horrors Uncovered in Long Island
But as I glanced across the page, I thought it was Michele trying out a new adventure.

B. The answer is B, as evidenced by this excruciatingly detailed but clear headline from the Star Tribune:

Long detailed headline explaining woman lost fetus after her car collided with a deer

C. Probably the best choice is "Marijuana crop means trouble for man." But that's a judgment call; all I know is I read the headline as "choice lands" -- you know, since "lands" can be a noun as well as a verb. (Words like this are sometimes called nerbs or ambilogisms.)


Ms Sparrow said...

You're always on top of things!

Is it true that Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are going to team up and run for President/VP on the Crazy Party ticket?

Daughter Number Three said...

They probably can't stand each other -- too similar. I remember when I first heard about Palin being named McCain's running mate, I thought she seemed like Michele B.