Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh, My!

While near the University of Minnesota campus, I picked up a copy of the Minnesota Daily, and was transported to the land of animal make-believe by the headlines in the sports section.

Of course, with a team name like the Golden Gophers, it's pretty likely the paper's headlines will be at least somewhat amusing, but I think these two were written by someone who knew they would sound funny to the general public:

Headline: Gophers hope to stand up to Bears

Headline: Ducks will test the Gophers

Unlike the writer of this headline, which I found on a site called (The site isn't much to look at, but there are a lot of funny headlines and ads to read!)

Headline: Lady Jacks off to a hot start in conference

I guess that makes my gophers and ducks and bears look pretty tame.

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