Friday, September 11, 2009

Western Spaghetti and Grave Stones

I'm not really much of a YouTube follower, but a friend linked to this stop-frame short animation, and I thought it was so fun and charming... something to watch after you've had a bad day.

Best use ever of candy corn and Post-It® Notes! And I got an extra laugh from noticing that while I was watching the animation on YouTube, the Google ads were all promoting spaghetti squash recipes.

Curious about the film maker (who goes by the acronym PES), I went to her/his blog and found this entry about Loony Tombs, including the poignant story behind this grave marker:

Gravestone saying a 15-year-old boy died by falling on an ink eraser while evading six young women trying to kiss him on his birthday

Just another fine moment of serendipity on the Interweb.

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