Sunday, August 2, 2009

Au Canada

Daughter Number Three has gone on the road into Quebec (so I guess that means I am fille numéro trois for this week). Here are few of the sights along the way into Quebec.

Periwinkle colored and white flowers in a field.
Chicory and Queen Anne's Lace just before the Canadian border.

Back of an RV with large logo reading Cougar
Along the road... wonder if this is how all the cougars travel around looking for younger men?

Cartoon character that looks like a cross between Ronald McDonald and Home Simpson
Creepy clown... I think it's for a chain called St. Hubert that may or may not have something to do with McDonald's. An amusing cross between Homer Simpson and Ronald McD.

Blue road sign showing two yellow traffic signs with a car and a deer on each, colliding
Caution -- traffic signs may collide.

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elena said...

I am laughing about the colliding traffic signs...and the Homer Simpson Ronald McD!