Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Dinner with Andrae (Gonzalo)

Wallace Shawn at left having dinner with Andre
I just finished watching one of the ultimate cult films for intellectuals -- My Dinner with Andre -- for the first time.

I've also seen all the seasons of Project Runway. (I wonder if the second cancels out the intellectual brownie points of the first?)

Remembering season 2, when Santino riffed on one of the other contestants (Andrae) going out to dinner with Tim Gunn at Red Lobster, I couldn't help making a few connections.

Andrae Gonazlo's head on Wallace Shawn's body, Tim Gunn's head on Andre's body

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David Steinlicht said...


Thanks for going to the trouble of Photoshopping in a different view of that guy's head for the mirror reflection!