Monday, May 4, 2009

Don't Pee on Me, Calvarino

Green Chevy pickup truck with sticker of Calvin peeing in the back window
Driving down a street the other day, I saw something that is commonplace on the streets of the U S of A, but it got me wondering: What is the deal with the peeing Calvin ripoff graphics?

Detail of the peeing Calvin graphicAnd why are these things always on trucks?

Yet another subject for a popular culture dissertation.

Update: David Steinlicht sent in a link to his All Small comic on the same topic from 2004. I knew I wasn't the first to note the phenomena, but when you Google this topic (think about those search words!) you get such a mix of pages... many of which are people trying to sell you window clings so you can have your very own version of Calvin relieving himself. Finding the quality social commentary, such as David's, is not so easy.


David Steinlicht said...


Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yes!

I'm sorry, but I have to link to the comic comment I did on the bootleg Peeing Calvin sticker phenom.

(I blame C&H creator Bill Watterson for not allowing any authorized Calvin and Hobbes stuff.)


Ms Sparrow said...

This makes me miss the Calvin and Hobbs cartoons in the Sunday paper.
They were so delightfully imaginative. It's a shame that Calvin's legacy is so tacky.